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Practical Golf Tips For You

Tips for Fall Golf

After playing a lot of summer golf we may have developed a couple of bad habits.  There’s a lot of good golf left so you may want to check in with our PGA/CPGA professionals and have us check your swing/game out so your Fall golf is more enjoyable.

Here are a couple of good tips for the Fall cooler weather.
Use more hands and wrists when you’re wearing extra layers!  When it’s cold our big muscles get tight and the sweaters and jackets can bind us up, using our hands and wrists more will let us shorten our swings and still get good results. Also, put your longer irons on the bench and use your hybrids and fairway metals more. Learn to hit half and three quarter shots with them.
Enjoy the Fall!!
Paul Enright - Head Teaching Professional

Short Putting Woes? Missing a lot of short putts?

A very simple cure is to pick a spot about 2 inches in front of the ball that is in line with the hole and focus on rolling your putt over that spot. This will get your focus off the hole. I know you'll start making them and your confidence will come flying back.
Hit 'em well!
Paul Enright - Head Teaching Professional

This week we will talk about greenside bunkers.

1 - Align your body a little left of your target.
2 - Open your club face a little.
3 - Dig your feet in and plan on keeping your feet and legs very quiet.
4 - Play the ball a little left of center and plan on hitting 2 inches behind the ball.
5 - Swing club back a little bit outside and pick it up a little steeper then normal.
6 - Swing through accelerating the club and turning your upper body.
It's very important to accelerate and turn through the shot.
Do the opposite for left-handers
Paul Enright - Head Teaching Professional

Hit your Driver long and straight!!!

Want drive the ball long and straight? Here's a simple tip.
Tee the ball a little more forward, maybe off your left toe (for a right hander) but leave your driver inline with your belly button. This will help you in two ways!
One - By playing the ball forward it will give you more time to turn through the shot. This will help you hit it straighter.
Two - By leaving your club on your belly line instead of right behind the ball it will help keep your shoulders square and thus make it easier to make a good turn back. Give it a try and hit it longer and straighter.
Paul Enright - Head Teaching Professional

Golf Course News

The Golf Course is now closed for the 2017 Season. We would like to thank everyone for an excellent year and look forward to seeing everyone in the Spring.

Welcome to Royal Woodbine Golf Club
in Toronto, Ontario.

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